Concurrent programming lesson with Erlang

I recently watched a very good presentation by Joe Armstrong – the inventor of Erlang, the functionality language originally developped for Ericsson telecom infrastructure products.  He is a very eloquent speaker, taking through the history of computing, explaining that moore’s law trajectory may in fact be restored if Network On Chip architectures take off in a big way.

I really like messaging framework approach to parallelism and immutable types are at the heart of this approach – a native construct in functional language such as F# on the .net platform.  Joe Duffy has written an article on archiving a degree of immutability in C#.

I dug a little deeper and came across a great open source library ‘Retlang‘ written by Mike Rettig (it’s name borrowing heavily from Erlang).  It currently uses native .NET 2 constructs, but I’m sure would benefit from running on top of Microsoft’s new parallel initiatives, especially as they mature in the future.