Oslo and new declarative language ‘D’ to be unvelied at Microsoft’s PDC 2008

The PDC postponed in 2007 will give people plenty to talk about in October.

I am particularly looking forward to the unveiling of Oslo, and getting my hands on the CTP.  I have been a Domain Driven Design advocate for a while now, and believe it is import to have a good vision for the model and how it is mapped back to implementation.  Oslo is all about modeling and is set to include:

  1. a ‘tool’ for so the BA types can visualise the problem domain
  2. a new domain specific language ‘D’ for mapping the model down to SQL.
  3. a (SQL) repository for storing the above

Microsoft has done a good job making most of .NET framework core libraries flexible and extensible, so let’s hope this will be a better offering then the Entity Framework V1, which was very limiting.  I still use NHibernate and see no reason to switch camps until they improve the design.

Microsoft’s Data Programmability team listening to the community

While Microsoft’s Entity Framework continues to add new features with release of SP1.  It still doesn’t go anyway to supporting persistent ignorant domain models in the way the NHibernate does.  As i blogged about previously, this has been so unpopular that a PostSharp plugin has been developed to inject the nesseacary bits to support the EF at compile time.

However the good news is that a delegation of great minds including Eric Evans and Jimmy Nilsson (both with great DDD books) will be brain storming on ways to improve the next release – especially in relation to Domain Drive Design practices.