Bringing music to the cloud

After a well deserved break, I am back in Sydney enjoying good coffee, food and summer weather!

On my travels through Germany I saw an advertisement for SoundCloud in a music magazine.  It’s basically Flickr for Musos done really well.  And although Web 2.0 is dead, or at least ‘so per se’ these days, I see is a shiny example of how to build a great web app.  

Sound cloud allows you to upload your own tracks or mixes to your profile, or post to your friends drop boxes.  It has a great visualisation of your track, and allows people to comment at various points through out your track – at the breakdown for example.  You can also follow other artists in a similar fashion to flickr.  

Not only is it a killer web 2.0 web application it has a complete API able to support mashups likeRadioClouds and the pure web app CloudPlayer.

I see this as big year for musicians; another highlight being Ableton upcoming release of Live 8 with its hotly awaited Max/Msp integration – bringing sound design to the masses, bring it on!