Redgate aquires Reflector

When looking to download the latest version of reflector, i was surprised to see that Redgate had acquired reflector.  Redgate makes some great time-saving products so this fits very well with their offering, but being such an essential tool you can’t help but wondering what will happen to the ‘free’ version despite Redgate’s commitment

It is a shame that the source has not been ‘open’ to date (in fact itself is obfuscated).  I think this could have been a good opportunity for RedGate to engage with the open source community offering commercial value-add support on top of a free project like MySQL and so many others.

Reasons to upgrade to SQL 2008

With the release of SQL Server 2008 RTM and the associated VS 2008 SP1 (now available indpendantly), developers can get their hands on the host of new features available.  SQL IntelliSense has been a long time coming; geo-location features are well timed given the proliferation of GPS in mobile devices; and full-text searching has been beefed up and fully integrated into the database engine.

One of my favourite albeit less hyped new features is the Change Data Capture (CDC) support.  A screen castfrom the beta available last December illustrates how this technology captures data changes made to tables; and it does so directly from the transaction logs without the need for triggers.

Enabling CDC to will create individual SQL jobs, tables and functions to store and fetch the information that has changed.  All inserts and deletes are individually record, and updates have both a before and after row.  CDC allows you to retrieve the aggregate changes to a table within a particular time period with some specifically named functions under its own ‘cdc’ schema.

Going hand-in-hand with CDC is the integrated MERGE T-SQL statement which allows wholesale update/insert/delete operations on a target table that matches particular source criteria.

Britain from Above

If you live in UK and missed the BBC’s incredible visual feast which is Britain from Above, you still have a few days to catch it online through BBC’s iPlayer which has 7 day catchup service.

Narrated by political correspondent Andrew Mar the documentary plots the ebb and flow of daily life throughout the UK.  Using satellite imaging and GPS tracking data some pretty amazing images and bought to live turning peak hour into something beautiful.

Google street view in Sydney

Google has released street view for australia.  It is very impressive, and will make searching for property so much easier.  The view from my old apartment in pyrmont, darling harbour is visible below.

My old view of darling harbour

My old view of darling harbour

The only disappointment is that the many of the photographs around Sydney city were taken on a cloudy day. Especially noticeable is our icon the Sydney harbour bridge which is shrouded in gloom, the kind you would find in a London or Paris!

Google map mashups have another realm of possibilities especially with the release of the iPhone 3G in Australia