VSTS vNext (Rosario) to include UML tools

I have always been a fan of modeling a problem, and UML tools such Sparxsystem’s Enterprise Architect has always been in my toolbox.  Microsoft released the VS 2005 class diagram support which was very much a bottom up approach to design, but in Rosario we can look forward a more complete UML suite of tools including use case and sequence diagram support.  Code generation will also be supported, although it is not clear how these will stay in sync.

Let’s hope Enterprise Architect isn’t redundant just yet, as I am all for supporting local Australian companies.


Data Portability got a little eaiser with GNIP

A new data portability company GNIP has been getting a bit of press lately.  They are positioning themselves as the goto-infrastructure-publisher-guy for the social web.  A one stop shop where you can get pushed all your feed data from twitter, digg, etc… without having to ping every single provider.

They have timed their market entry well given Twitter’s very public performance woes.  But GNIP offers the possibility of returning aggregated data in a consistent way, so may help speed up the standardization of the various microformats out there on the social web.

I like GNIP because of it’s simple RESTful approach to design and architecture.  Their V1 was built in 90 days, and followed up with transitioning the system into the cloud care of AWS/Ec2 running on top of TerraCotta and ActiveMQ.  Very cool!