Managed Extensibility Framework / PostSharp

Dependency Injection and ‘Plugin’ frameworks continue to be all the rage.  Following on the back of P&P’s release of the Unity DI library Microsoft has assembled the Application Framework Core team to focus on developing a Managed Extensibility Framework which is to focus amongst other things on a consistent way to perform Dependency Injection.

Already there are a first full of libraries out the including Unity, Castle, SturctureMap, Spring.NET (and don’t forget XAML!). It is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the appropriate one.

PostSharp offers an interesting Aspect Oriented approach to wearing in code at the IL layer post-build; Enabling unobtrusive injection of hooks (such as tracing) by simply declaring .NET attributes and engaging the Laos plugin.

More recently the Entity Framework contrib project has leveraged PostSharp to inject the IPoco interfaces that are (annoyingly) required to support hooking into the ADO.NET extension. Ruurd Boeke has a series of in-depth articles on getting up a running with this framework.

Perhaps NHibernate will still hold it’s own until v2 of the entity framework is released!


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